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  • May 19, 2018- A great time was had with our past and present dentists and friends celebrating Dr. Snyder’s birthday! (Dr. Jones, Dr. Torres, Dr. Golski and Dr. Snyder)










  • January 3, 2018- Effective April 4, 2018, we will no longer be a participating provider in the United Concordia Dental Network.
















  • December 18th, 2017-  Mission of Mercy, Church of the Brethren, Frederick, MD. Dr. Snyder with his son, Conor, and Dr. George Waxter along with two interpreters provide an early Christmas gift as pro bono dental care to many needy patients who would not otherwise get the care.





  • August 11th- Bottom line from this new research from Denmark: Having gum disease puts you at greater risk for heart disease.
    • Am J Cardiol. 2016 May 30. pii: S0002-9149(16)30939-0. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2016.05.036. [Epub ahead of print]

      Relation of Periodontitis to Risk of Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality (from a Danish Nationwide Cohort Study).

      Author information


      Periodontitis and atherosclerosis are highly prevalent chronic inflammatory diseases, and it has been suggested that periodontitis is an independent risk factor of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and that a causal link may exist between the 2 diseases. Using Danish national registers, we identified a nationwide cohort of 17,691 patients who received a hospital diagnosis of periodontitis within a 15-year period and matched them with 83,003 controls from the general population. We performed Poisson regression analysis to determine crude and adjusted incidence rate ratios of myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, cardiovascular death, major adverse cardiovascular events, and all-cause mortality. The results showed that patients with periodontitis were at higher risk of all examined end points. The findings remained significant after adjustment for increased baseline co-morbidity in periodontitis patients compared with controls, for example, with adjusted incidence rate ratio 2.02 (95% CI 1.87 to 2.18) for cardiovascular death and 2.70 (95% CI 2.60 to 2.81) for all-cause mortality. Patients with a hospital diagnosis of periodontitis have a high burden of co-morbidity and an increased risk of CVD and all-cause mortality. In conclusion, our results support that periodontitis may be an independent risk factor for CVD.

  • May 11th- This recent health article in the Washington Post points out the importance of having a surgeon with vast experience doing your surgical procedures. As documented in a 1979 Stanford study (and replicated by many subsequent studies), patients who underwent operations at hospitals that did many surgeries had significantly lower death rates. A few high quality hospitals like Johns Hopkins now require their surgeons to have performed a minimum number of surgeries before they can do surgeries at their hospital. How does this apply to dentistry? Simply, do you want a dentist who does a few implants, bone grafts and extractions per year doing your surgery? Or, do you want experienced doctors like ours who do these procedures every day? Short-term and long-term surgical success is related to experience of the doctors and frequency of procedures performed. Make the right choice in your doctor for the best outcome!


  • September 30th- There were smiles all around as Dr. Snyder, Dr. Torres, and Dr. Sethi attended the Chesapeake Dental Conference participating at a presentation on All-on-Four Dental Implants!
    Doctor's convention 
  • August 2015 –  The Importance of Bone Grafts!

Bone Loss Picture


  • July 2015 – Thank you Dr. Torres for putting on a wonderful CE presentation for our fellow hygienists on Dental Management & Pharmacology.


Torres and Sethi Hygiene event


  • July 2015 – Frederick Periodontal Associates is excited to offer in house computerized axial tomography. (CAT) scans are invaluable in the diagnostic process for placing implants and evaluating dental anatomy by viewing three dimensional images of the teeth, bone, and surrounding tissues. These type of scans have been used in the medical environment for years with great safety and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

CAT scan Photo


  • June 2015 – Dr. Snyder examining one of his older patients at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. What a great trip to England it was!  The highlight was seeing Margot married and son Hunter graduating from Oxford!

Snyder and Dino 2



  • May 2015 – Dr. Snyder recently attended the prestigious EuroPerio Meeting in London, England.  This Europe-based meeting is only held every 3 years and features some of the brightest minds in the world sharing the latest research and information on periodontics and implants.

Euro Perio 2015


  • March 2015 – It was our pleasure to provide information regarding The Systemic Impact of Periodontal Disease to select residents of Buckingham’s Choice. The well attended lecture and tea was hosted by FPA. We look forward to addressing other periodontal topics with this engaging group!

Buckingham's Choice Lecture 2015

  • February 2015 – Frederick Hygiene Study Club EventHygiene Event 2015 JPG
  • January 2015 Congratulations Nicole on winning the Philips Sonicare by liking our page on Facebook!



  • December 12014 – In the giving spirit of the holidays Dr. Snyder and his assistant Dea donated their time and experience to The Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic right here in our home town of Frederick, Maryland. Mission of Mercy is an organization that provides free dental care to the uninsured and under-insured.

2014 Mission of Mercy

  • November 2014 – Bueno Appetito! We had a wonderful time with all of the doctors during the “Restoring Dental Implant Patient” meeting. We are looking forward to the completion of the 3 part seminar in January 2015.

Herb Picture


  • October 2014 – To celebrate Hygiene Month we hosted our quarterly Hygiene Event! Dr. Sethi, our newest associate, hit it out of the park lecturing on “The truth about E-Cigarettes, smoking and their effects on our dental health”. Thank you to all of the hygienists for participating in this lecture. We hope to see all of you at our next event in February.


  • April 2014 –  Dr. Torres will be our guest lecturer on Oral Manifestation and Systemic disease. This informative CE presentation will receive a 1 hour of CEU and Frederick Periodontal Associates  will donate $10.00 in each participating hygienist name to the Peace Corps Agriculture Fund. These contributions will provide the most basic needs of communities worldwide: safe and sustainable food production. Hygiene Event Peace Corps









  • March 2014– Frederick Periodontal Associates was featured in a recent article by The Catholic Review. Dr. Snyder’s history with the military and his participation and services with Mission of Mercy were highlighted along with the review of the ongoing, rotating art displays supporting the local artist community.
  • March 2014 – Dr. Snyder & Dr. Torres attended The Academy of Osseointegration. While in Seattle they focused on how to diagnose, treat and prevent implant problems that are commonly encountered, especially with older implant cases.

Seattle meeting 2014

  • December 2013 –Tis the season of giving – Dr. Snyder will be donating his time and skill on 12/23/2013 for the Mission of Mercy which is a traveling/ mobile medical/dental care clinic that provides FREE health care to Frederick’s underinsured and uninsured.Mission of Mercy Photo Black and White
  • October 2013- WOW! How wonderful it was to have both hygienist and their favorite assistants join us for the Frederick Hygiene Study Club Event. The lecture was given by Dr. Snyder on “Implant Complications, How to Detect the Problem and Possible Treatment Options”.  Participants received a complimentary 1 hour CE credit. We look forward to planning the next event that will be held this February.
  •  September 2013 – Dr. Snyder and Dr. Torres will be attending the Annual American Academy of Periodontology meeting.
  • June 2013 – While attending an exciting four-day Nobel Biocare Global symposium in New York City, Dr. Torres gained the latest science-based knowledge and techniques available in implant dentistry. Focusing on some key themes such as minimaly invasive graftless solutions, immediate replacement and function, soft tissue health, and esthetics. She is very enthusiastic to  take full advatage of her new learnings.
  •  June 24, 2013 – Frederick News Post Article

Painters take your mark. Set. Go!

Frederick News Post PhotoAt the scream of a steam whistle on Saturday, about 90 artists raced to create plein-air paintings during an Easels in Frederick competition called Quick Draw.

Inspired by architecture, landscaping and scenery in downtown Frederick, each artist had only two hours to complete a painting that would later be judged by Ron Donoughe, a contemporary realism artist from Pittsburgh, Pa.

“That is usually all of the time I use for a small painting,” Donoughe said of the race against the clock.

Artists from across the country, participated in Saturday’s competition. Among them was Jane Albin of Lewisburg, Pa. A friend told her about the competition in Frederick and she decided to sign up.

“It’s really a lot of fun,” Albin said as she quickly painted at the corner of Patrick and Market streets.

With about 30 minutes to go, Albin was almost done with her painting of the street-scape. Her interpretation of Market Street included clusters of people standing on the sidewalk.

“I wanted a street and I wanted people,” she said.

Patti Jefferson, of Baltimore, wanted a building with beautiful architecture. Much of her painting on Saturday was done with a toothbrush. Her mother-in-law Debbie Boulay also used a toothbrush on Saturday. Boulay is a treatment coordinator atFrederick Periodontal Associates.

The office sponsored Jefferson and Boulay’s participation. Boulay, a longtime dental assistant, said Saturday was her first time painting outside.

“It’s under the gun,” Boulay said as she touched up a picture of downtown’s Sabor de Cuba. On Saturday, a portable dental stand serves as a resting place for her other paintbrushes.

Donoughe said he was impressed with the number of artists who signed up to paint. Saturday’s event was the second year for the competition featuring plein-air painting. The style requires artists re-create what they see outdoors.

Asking artist to paint against the clock is just “part of the fun,” Donoughe said.

This year’s artists were only allowed to paint in the area of North East, East Patrick and North Market streets. Both new and experienced artists were welcome to sign up for the event that has already become a staple for Easels in Frederick. The five-day event, wrapping up today, encourages seasoned plein-air artists to work in Frederick for a few days, and then their work is displayed and sold.

Saturday’s Quick Draw paintings were put up for sale as soon as they were judged. Paul Tooley of Frederick won first place and $500 for his painting of Acacia, a restaurant in downtown Frederick. Of this year’s juried artists, Richard Sneary of Kansas City, Mo., won Saturday’s top prize of $500.

213065-Easels PR

  • May 2013 –  Happily hosted “Lets Put the Art Back in Periodontics” art show featuring Mick Williams, Laurie Niswander, and Marilu Tousignaut.
  • APRIL 2013 – Frederick Periodontal Associates held a one-hour CE lecture for our local hygienists. The lector, Dr. Torres discussed “Complete Edentulous Implant Restorations and Occlusal Considerations.”
  • APRIL 2013 – Dr. Snyder attended the ADA Spring Conference in Chicago, which offered educational programming on managing implant complications using a team approach.
  • APRIL 2013 – Frederick Periodontal Associates instituted the “Let’s Put the Art Back in Periodontics” program, making our public office areas an exhibition venue for talented local artists. It is our hope that in launching this venture we promote community pride, cultural diversity, and an awareness of the abundance of talent harbored in our own city.
  • MARCH 2013 – Dr. Snyder attended the three-day Academy of Osseointergration 28th annual meeting in Tampa Florida, which focused on emerging treatment options for a range of clinical concerns.